[Full Perm] Creative Christmas Sculpty Packs For You All!

[Full Perm] Creative Christmas Sculpty Packs For You All!
Create Your Own Content with these Kits and distribute them for Christmas.


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✪New Mesh Xmas Sledge Kit✪ with Specular & Normal Maps

New Fullpermission and User licensed Mesh Xmas Sledge Kit 
✪with Specular and Normal Maps (supports new render system) 
✪Textures and Tintable Textures
✪Ambient Occlusion Maps 
✪UV Guide 
✪1x 1 Prim Mesh Model 
✪2x 6 Prim Mesh Model

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Now on Midnight Mania Board
[Mesh] Xmas Sledge Kit MMBoard Version

✰✰✰Christmas Sculpty Packs✰✰✰

User Licensed in Second Life

User Licensed quality Christmas Sculpty Packs available in Second Life
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New [Mesh] Fullperm Vanilla Orchid Kit

New [Mesh] Fullperm Vanilla Orchid Kit
High detailed and HQ Mesh Models.
Not Rigged: You can link any prims, sculpts or mesh!
You can resize and move, just like normal prims!
Blossoms come in photo realistic yellow, pink and red with normal and specular maps, which makes a new experience in Second Life.
★ 3x Prefabricated Examples
★ Every separated editable parts of the mesh
★ Photo Realistic Textures
★ Normal Maps
★ Specular Maps